Friday, 22 July 2016

Facts About Male’s Fertility

When we talk about fertility, most of the time we talk about eggs, wombs, and IVF treatments. But what about male fertility Cause? If you’re looking to start a family now or later, you’ll need to know what factors can affect male fertility, We consulted Embryologist, director of Sree Fertility& IVF Centre in Hyderabad to reveal all the crucial facts about male fertility.

1. Sexually Transmitted Disease Cause of Fertility Problems
Sexually transmitted diseases like Human papillomavirus infection, Syphilis and Genital are the major avoidable cause of infertility in male, Dr Pravin Shinde Explains. If they go undiagnosed, the infections can cause injury or infection and preventing sperm from entering the vas deferens. It’s better for guys to get frequent physical exam.

2. Aluminium May Affect His Swimmers
Recent research published in the American journals found higher concentrations of aluminium in semen that had a lower sperm count. this association might make you rethink about aluminium cans and pots and pans.

3. Higher Temperature Cause of Fertility Problems
Heat is terrible for sperm, confirms Dr Pravin Shinde, sitting in hot tubs or saunas will decrease sperm count not only that wearing of Tight Jeans was also one of Cause of infertility.

4. Male Fertility Also Decreases with Age
There’s no general cut off time for male fertility like there is for women, but still, there is a gradual decline as a man gets older, men in their 80s produce offspring, every man’s sperm count still decreases to some degree with age. Its depends on age and food we take.

5. Vegetarians Might Have Poorer Sperm Generation
Even though being a vegetarian might be great for your health in certain respects, new research from Loma Linda University Medical School found that men who do not eat meat have significantly reduced sperm counts. On top of that, only one third of their sperm is active, whereas sixty percent of a meat eater’s sperm is active, which makes it a lot easier to connect with that elusive egg.

6. Smoking Cause of Fertility Problems in Male
Smoking cigarettes is terrible for sperm, smoking marijuana may be just as bad. The chemical THC can get into the body’s fat stores and has been shown in some studies to cause hormonal disruption and abnormally shaped sperm.

7. SSRI’s Can Damage Sperm DNA
At least one study has found that SSRI antidepressants caused DNA damage in sperm. This doesn’t mean a man on SSRI’s can’t get a woman pregnant, but there is a risk of genetic abnormality. Once off these medications, however, the subjects’ sperm counts did return too normal.

8. Obesity Effects Fertility
The healthier you are, the healthier your sperm is, if a man’s BMI is high, there is a marked decline in fertility and sperm count. However, the good news is that diet and exercise can help get his swimmers back in shape.

9. His Laptop Needs a Buffer
As Known heat in saunas and hot tubs are bad news for sperm, and the heat from a laptop is just as harmful. He suggests that men avoid direct contact and put a board between their groin area and their computer to mitigate heat flow.

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  2. Men can experience fertility issues, and they can often be easily corrected. Problems with male fertility can sometimes be caused by low sperm count, low sperm motility or problems related to sperm morphology.
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