Friday, 17 June 2016

Women should get pregnant after graduation to avoid fertility problem

Women should get pregnant once they graduate from university to avoid a ticking fertility time bomb, in step with Associate in Nursing skilled.

Getting on the housing ladder, specializing in a career and paying off student debts have pushed the age many ladies initial conceive to almost thirty years old.

But Dr Sree Latha Shinde, medical director at the Sree Fertility Clinic, said the optimum age to fall pregnant was at 25 were fertility is at its peak.
She said: "It might not be true that girls should be having babies at the time of the 10+2 schooling however they shouldn’t leave it much later than graduation.
Age twenty five is strictly the time when today’s young girls have left university, try to get off on a best career, making an attempt to pay back their student loans, making an attempt to search out somebody who desires to have own  babies with them and making an attempt to get on the housing ladder."

Dr Pravin Shinde (MD)Embryologist at Sree Fertility Clinic warned that girls who turn to IVF once at the age of forty could have less chance of success.
He said: “The bleak reality is that the chance of IVF working along with your own eggs once you're forty is totally hopeless and in what other branch of medicine would we have a tendency to let, however alone encouragement is needed, patients to pay for AN elective operation(surgery) but 5% probably  working".

“The problem we've here is that girls on the outside are shiny, young and youthful and on the within their ovaries know specifically what it says on their birth certificate"

“As I always tell my patients - you can't botulinum toxin your ovaries.”

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